Adults, Children & Veterans

Overcome Challenges

Shoulders Together

Non-Profit Charitable Organization in Texas

Mesquite AMBUCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 1984.

  • Providing therapeutic tricycles (Amtrykes)
  • Awarding scholarships to physical and occupational therapy students
  • Building Barrier-Free ramps

Mesquite AMBUCS works toward improving the mobility of disabled children, adults, and veterans.

Congratulations to the 2024 Mesquite AMBUCS Big Hat Scholarship recipients!!!


Lane Henexson               Poteet High School

Kayla Ellis                           Mesquite High School

Sophia Garcia                  John Horn High School

The National AMBUCS Organization

The National AMBUCS Organization was formed on May 18, 1922, in Birmingham, Alabama. With 4,952 members in 158 chapters in 33 states, we work with a motto of “shoulders together.”

We have awarded $9 million by way of scholarships to nearly 15,000 students. Our Amtryke program started in the year 1995 and has given away over 30,000 Amtrykes.

Mesquite Ambus
Mesquite Ambus

Our Mission

Mesquite AMBUCS' mission is to enhance the lives of adults, children with special needs and disabled veterans by improving their mobility through therapeutic tricycles known as Amtrykes and building barrier-free ramps.  Mesquite AMBUCS also provides scholarships to PT/OT students and performs other acts of community service.

National & Regional Conferences

The current national AMBUCS president is Scott Buckelew. There is a national in-person or virtual conference held every fall. A regional conference is also held every spring that is led by the regional director, currently Dave Hallberg.

One must first be a chapter leader to become a regional director. Regional directors can then be elected as the national president.  

Mesquite Ambus